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Coaching, Counseling & Consulting Services.

We lovingly come alongside, pastors, leaders, individuals, couples and churches through providing a safe place to process and let go of their pain. We provide helpful structure and accountability so you can pursue your passions and fulfill your purposes.

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Coaching Packages

Helping you work through your
pain to pursue your passion.

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Individual Care Coaching

Help you develop a personalized spiritual growth plan for your life through spiritual, emotional and physical integration and practice.

Preventative Soul

Develop the skills and rhythms that sustain a full life of spiritual growth and maturity. Why wait to develop spiritual and emotional health until you really need it?

Restorative Soul Care

We call this the Pain to Passion Process. You will learn to process and let go of the pain in your life, build the right mindset and game plan so you can follow and fulfill your passion.

Organizational Soul Care

Help your organization develop an environment of soul care through spiritual and emotional culture building. We will help you identify and develop your own caring coach for your organization or team.

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